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About WSDB

this is the Walddorfschool database

Evaluation and GradingThe Waldorfschool database (WSDB) reduces the administration and management effort. At the same time, it simplifies internal and external processes through the numerous functionalities adapted to the school workflow. For example, the WSDB contains lists of students in addition to student administration and timetables. In addition, newsletters can be sent directly from the WSDB to various mailing lists.


Development of the WSDB

The development of the WSDB began in 2007 with the founding of the IT groups in the Waldorf School Linz. At that time different databases were used for administration, management, address book creation, statistics etc. As a result there were several data stocks which were also inconsistent.

In order to structure the data, a web-based address book with central data acquisition was first implemented - the basis of today's WSDB. Due to varying family circumstances with different related persons and guardians, it soon became clear that a pure address book could not alone reflect the complex family and student structures. Therefore, an own data model was developed, which represents different conditions and at the same time secures the history over several years.

Modularly, additional functionalities were gradually implemented, such as a class statistic, entries into the school from kindergarten, lateral entrants or dropouts.

Since this data is very sensitive information, the WSDB has a very restrictive rights system. Only a limited administrative area has access to this sensitive data. Teachers, for example, have their own secure access, which only allows teacher-specific tasks (e.g. address book, communication via class mailing lists, note function to students). 

Teaching administration

Soon it became clear that the lessons also had to be depicted. Teachers with their activities and subjects were assigned in relation to students, classes and epoch teaching. A timetable was created within the WSDB, which teachers can access via a secured access (with their own certificate). Additionally, the creation of verbal and grading is integrated. The certificates are automatically generated in a uniform CI after the input is complete.

The actual status of the data stock can be called up at any time. This means that complex statistics, which e.g. have to be delivered to authorities, can be created with just one click - in contrast to the past, when the secretariat was busy with the creation of statistics for up to 2 weeks.


Further developments will follow

The electronic class book and attendance functionalities are currently being implemented. In the future, the involvement of parents is also planned. By dividing tasks into small activities and operational steps, the cooperation of the parents should be strengthened in the near future.