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Standbyplan & Substitutions

Timetable: standby and substitution


Timetable-Substi-1The teachers indicate when they are "on call" or when they are "prepared to take supplements". If a teacher is absent and a substitution is needed, all possible substitute teachers will be assessed and listed depending on their suitability. If a teacher is on stand-by, this will be indicated and the teacher will be rated at the top. Further assessment criteria are e.g. the teacher teaches in the class concerned, the teacher teaches the subject to be represented, the teacher has a free lesson.

A percentage is given in the stand-by plan. Since lessons are taught in epochs, it is possible that a teacher is generally free on Monday mornings and can also be willing, but e.g. taught an epoch from CW 39 to CW 41. Then he/she is not 100% willing, but only - e.g. 90% of the appointments. In addition, the times when a teacher is definitely not available at school (e.g. because of lessons at another school) and is therefor not available for substitutes can be deposited. 



Timetable-Substi2Which teacher is the substitute in the respective class and subject? The weekly schedule is available as a PDF.


Can teachers enter their stand-bys and substitutions themselves?

The entry of substitutions is currently only possible in the admin view. Substitutions can be entered by both time planners and administrators and additionally by the teacher via electronic class book.