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All-day epochs

How are all day epochs created?

All-day epochs (Teachers/Classes are set to be absent.)

All-day epochs offer the following advantages:

  • One or more teachers are automatically set to "absent".
    This can be recognized immediately via "Timetable" / "Teacher View"
  • A class can also be set absent.
    This means that the otherwise occupied rooms are freely available for another lesson.
    Via "Timetable" / "Class View" you can see whether a class is absent.


In the main menu under "Timetable" in the submenu "Administrate" / "Epoch plan", the respective class is selected and the desired subject is edited.

  • All day with accompaniment (teachers are set to be absent. Substitutions are therefor necessary if the teacher in question has arranged further classes this week.)
  • All day without substitutions (teaching teachers in the concerned class are free for other classes.)
  • All day in the specified room (The room is marked as occupied for the whole day. Substitute rooms can then be set for other classes.)
  • All day outsite (class is set to absent. This means that the otherwise occupied rooms are freely available.)


Allday epochplan_1Accompanying teachers can also be selected. Teachers who have not entered any classes at this point will be ranked first. If a teacher is chosen who has lessons, the system warns: "Teacher has already registered lessons. Do you really want to save?"
In our example, we noted "All day with support" and "All day outside".





This ICON  shows that this epoch is an all-day epoch.

Allday epochplan_2

Allday epochplan_3Via "Timetable" / "Class View" you can see whether a class is absent or not. For this purpose, the respective class with the calender week concerned is selected. In our example, the 3rd grade in CW41 has an excursion to the job fair and some company visits.






Allday epochplan_4Via "Timetable" / "Teacher View" you can see that the teacher Ms. Fuchs is absent during this time. Substitutions are necessary for the period of the fully day epoch. 






You can find information on the topic "Substitutions and Standy Bys" here.