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Documentation for Admin

Administration of persons

How can mailings be sent to a group of persons? How are employees/teachers/volunteer types created or edited? How are employees/teachers/volunteer groups created or edited? What is a copy code and how do I get it?

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How are semester gradings and whole year gradings created? How is a grade given, how are verbal gradings written?

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Create persons

How are persons created? How is the assignment of students, parents, family members etc. handled? How is the volunteering of a parent noted?

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Create school year

How is a new school year created? How can the school weeks be edited? How can days off be defined and Saturdays be supplemented with lessons?

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How are teaching subjects created and assigned to a school class or school year? How can lessons from the previous year be taken over for all teachers in one step? How do I create a new subject group?

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Substitutions and Standbys

How can standbys be recorded? How can a class be set absent? How or where should a teacher be set absent? How can substitutes be entered? Who is responsible for this entry?

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