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Creation of teachers and employees

How do you create teachers and employees?

The menu item “New Person” can be found under “+” in the main menu . More information to create a person you will find here.

Creation of teachers and employees IAs soon as the form is filled and the data is saved, the status “teacher” should be assigned to this person under “+” / ”teacher” in the main menu.

To create a non-teaching employee (e.g. financial administration), the status “career employee” can be selected.








Creation of teachers and employees IIFollowing fields have to be filled out:

Short Name: This name will be displayed in the time table.

Entry: When will the teacher be registered.

Group: Where will the teacher be active in the future?

Timetable: The checkmark should be set here in case of a teacher should be available for the lessons planing

Teachers information: The teacher is intended for sending mails. The requirement for this is that a Sympa server is set up for the school.

Any other information can be changed or added afterwards. 
Finally the data will be saved. Click on “Add”.



Creation of teachers and employees IIINow the career is documented in the data sheet of the employee in the tab “career teacher”. It is possible to edit this career with the “pen” Pen-Icon or to add more entries with Plus-Icon to this career. It is also possible to upload a picture of this person. To do so, click on the left side under the name on “Add Photo”.


Creation of teachers and employees IVUnder the tab “Subjects” all possible subjects are listed.

Which subjects can each teacher teach? With a click on “Save” the selected subjects for the given teacher will be defined.

To simplify the process, it is possible for an existing teacher to take over his/her subjects e.g. from the previous year, in one step:

Subjects of schoolyear e.g. 2019/2020 take over


Creation of teachers and employees VUnder the tab “Volunteering” the following possible information can be noted:

General Information:

  •  Volunteering-Information (Searchfilter)
  •  Profession (Volunteering-Information Searchfilter includes profession)
  •  Employed at
  •  Highest degree

Currently volunteering:

  •  Interest
  •  Voluntary service

Voluntary service since


Creation of teachers and employees VI

With a click on the pen-icon under “Currently volunteering” interests and collaboration in different sectors can be registered.

To do this, drag the respective selection to the left area. If a selection is no longer up-to-date, it will be dragged on the gray button: “To remove put it down here”

Of course it is possible to add a new volunteering in the main menu under “Administration/Volunteering”



Creation of teachers and employees VIn the data sheet under “Volunteering” the interest on the Advent-Bazar was noted.

Especially the creation of a volunteer for guardians/parents is helpful. In doing so, it is immediately apparent who is interested in participating in certain events.